A little information about my business…

Please let me introduce myself and tell you a few things about my business. My name is W. “Scott” Forrest. I’ve been very lucky to have grown up in the mining/gemstone business. My father Bill, and his partner Buzz Gray owned the “Benitoite Gem Mine”. They operated it for about 35 great years. They have both taught me a lot and have inspired me in the business. Faceting gemstones and making jewelry has been my profession since 1988.

After learning to facet, I began cutting for other gem dealers, then began to buy/sell my own gems to jewelers and collectors. In 1993, I opened my retail store in Old Town Clovis. It was a great location right in the middle of downtown Clovis. In January of 2020, I closed after 27 years. Currently I am working online. Now enjoying faceting and doing projects for sale only on my website. Please bookmark and check back with me for more beautiful gems and jewelry.       


Video of some of my projects. More to come!



YouTube Video – Faceting Benitoite 2.02 carat fine gem.


YouTube Video – Faceting Aquamarine 29.22 carat fine gem.


YouTube Video – Faceting a 45 carat rough Oregon Sunstone into a fine gem.


YouTube Video – Faceting of a Amethyst mined near the shore of Shaver Lake, California.



This is one I found and faceted in the early 90’s. Shaver Lake Amethyst Round Brilliant, 72 carats. The Los Angeles County Museum has a fantastic gem vault display that is one of the best in the USA. 


YouTube Video – Video showing the improvement of a poorly cut blue zircon by refaceting. Before and after differences.


YouTube Video – The discovery, facts and history of the Benitoite gem mine.